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What to Consider When Selling or Pawning

When you are short of money, life can be really stressful. You may find yourself unable to pay bills and even unable to make ends meet for your family. What do you do? You need to come up with a way to make the extra money you need quickly so that you can get yourself out of the hole. If you have items in your home that hold some sort of monetary value, you can easily sell them or even pawn them at the pawn shop to get the cash you need quickly. There are a few things you should consider when you are selling or pawning to ensure you are making the right decision.
No Credit Check
What many people really like about pawning their items at a pawn shop like ours, here in Fourways, Johannesburg is that we give cash loans out on items without having to check your credit. When you go to a traditional brick and mortar bank, you will see that you need to oblige to a credit check. Many people actually enjoy pawning their items for the sole fact that it does not affect their credit one way or the other and that they can have their money with no wait.
Great Deals
You will see that when you pawn or sell your items to us, we offer you the best deals possible. We will take a look at your items and check to see what they are worth based on the market. We will then use all the information we gather to make a reasonable offer to you, which will be a percentage of what the item is actually worth. If you are satisfied with what we are offering you, you can accept our offer, sign the paperwork and be out of the store with the cash in no time at all. When you have the money to pay us back for the item you pawned, we will be happy to give your item back to you, completely undamaged, in the condition you gave it to us in. Pawning is a great option for those people who know they will be able to repay the money very quickly. If it is going to take you a long time to repay the loan, you may want to consider other options.
What to Pawn
You may be sitting around wondering what you have in your house that you can pawn and the truth is that you can pawn or sell anything that actually has monetary value. This means that you can sell clothing, shoes, jewelry, and so much more. We even have people who come in and want to sell their old cars, and we’re willing to take those too.
If you’re looking to get some money in your pocket and you have a bunch of items you don’t want, bring them down to the Fourways, Johannesburg pawn shop. We’re open 24/7 so you can come when it is convenient for you.