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  • The Little Guy

The school fees are due, the car needs a service, the kid needs braces and the money tree stopped bearing fruit decades ago.  So, loan against your property.

You just need to catch your breath, a small pot of money to fall into your lap.  Loan against your property.

  • Money or the Bank

You have considered a loan against your property before. The amount of paperwork the bank insists on drowning you in, hardly seems worth it.  That little windfall that you need, that little bit of breathing space, is now an option, without deforesting the entire Amazon jungle.

Loaning against your property is the same process as loaning against your luxury watch or jewellery.   A loan against your property shouldn’t be complicated.   You shouldn’t have to wait days for bank officials to prove equity and find excessive values.  Now a loan against your property is quick, easy and accessible.  You no longer  have to wait days for approval, and instead of sitting in the bank, tied up in bureaucracy, access to cash is immediate.

  • All Those Good Things

When life happens, as it usually does, to those of us tricked into adulthood, making ends meet can be a challenge.  Preparing for lifes little surprises is a 24 hour game of hot potatoe.  No matter how diligent you are at saving or pre-empting the universe, little surprises always happen.  It may not necessarily be a disaster, it may be something special.  A wedding, a holiday, an exciting opportunity.

 Whatever the scenario,  a loan against your property provides an easy option for quick cash, and all those good things.

  •  The Writing is on the Wall

Providing a good education for our children is a priority in most households.  Providing a great education is, for most, an unbearable expense.

 The vast majority of schools offer massive saving incentives for upfront payments.  Sometimes saving up to Fifteen Thousand Rand for the school year.

Taking a loan against your property, following  an effortless procedure and securing cash could end up saving you a bundle.

 Most people realise this, but as the schools start in January, most people are cash strapped from December holidays, and so forgo this option, paying school fees monthly or each term.

A loan against your property will cover the annual school fees, save you some money and provide a peace of mind knowing school fees have been paid for the entire year, regardless of what the universe throws at you.

  • If Not, Why Not?

Maybe you are just tired of sitting at your desk, dreaming of white sands and tropical waters.  Maybe you are tired of hearing about everyone else’s adventures.  Credit cards rates are too high and a bank loan is too much rigmarole.  A small loan against your property and you are one step closer to snorkelling the reefs and cocktails at sunset.  So just do it!!.

Do the research, follow the steps and moonlit walks  can be your adventure, and your reality so if Not, Why not?

Quick and easy and one phone call away.  A loan against your property is a simple way to access immediate cash.  Don’t be the little guy wandering what if.

Don’t be the little guy struggling to make end s meet, when you don’t have to be. Take a loan against your property and catch your breath.