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Stainless Steel And Gold Bracelets

This stunning collection of hand crafted stainless steel and gold bracelets are designed for both ladies as well as gentlemen of refinement and taste. This collection is an enticing blend of elegance in the yellow and white gold touches and accents, and strength in the clean and strong lines of the stainless steel cable designs.
All hand crafted and specially designed pieces are available in both nine carat as well as eighteen carat white or yellow gold. The stainless steel used in the crafting of the actual bracelet is of the highest quality and purity, these stainless steel and gold bracelets combine elegance and strength, masculinity and femininity into a single magnificent design statement.
A number of different design patterns are available including various cable combinations which allow for wider and narrower bracelets, these can also be worn in combinations to further enhance the overall look and effect of the stainless steel with the white or gold accents and pattern enhancements.