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World’s biggest blue diamond

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Most girls are just happy with one or two small diamonds. Now imagine one huge diamond, in fact, one of the world’s largest diamonds. The blue hope diamond is one of the rarest of its kind and also the largest of the rare blue diamonds. Its history is one to behold and once the public hears about the hope diamond they are wowed into respect for this 42.52-carat diamond. This diamond was given to the Smithsonian Institution in 1952, before that it boasts a history that is bound to make any woman envious of it. Part of its history involves a period in the crown jewels as well as almost being stolen in one of the most daring heists.

Other bits of history and tales attached to this diamond are an English king as well as a suspected curse. Although the hope diamond has enjoyed many years in the public eye, scientists and researchers are still baffled about some of the details pertaining to this stone. The hope diamond was cut from a parent stone that comes from deep within the earth’s crust where it was formed from years of compression and built up sedimentary growth. Researchers and geologists are trying to determine if there were any other smaller diamonds cut in the same parent rock as that of the blue marvel, by studying a 3-D picture of the blue diamonds and the cuts on them.

The blue hope diamond also contains a unique phosphorescence that could help to identify other diamonds that might have possibly been cut from the same parent rock. Most people are expecting to see a huge diamond when first visiting the Smithsonian geology institute, instead, they are greeted by a small walnut-sized blue stone, and although at first a little unimpressed by the sight of this infamous diamond are pleasantly surprised by its rich history.