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What Can I Pawn?

What Can I Pawn?


What can I pawn? - pawn shop johannesburg

Sometimes in life, we wind up with things we once loved or even thought that we really needed. These things can be extremely costly but they can also take up room in the home. Perhaps you have a few items that you know are worth a good bit of money and you want to get rid of them and get some of what you spent on them back out of them, so you’re looking for a way to do it. The pawn shop located in the ¬†Pawn¬†Fourways Johannesburg area is the place to bring all of your valuable items that you’re looking to get rid of. We are well known for being one of the best pawn shops in the area and we will offer you the most money for your unwanted items. If there is a market and we feel that we can make some money with the items you are offering to us, we will happily purchase them from you so that you can put some much-needed cash into your pockets this holiday season.

You will see that when you bring your items down to the shop we take in all different kinds of items. While we do specialize in pawning coins, jewellery, and musical instruments, there are very few items we will actually turn down. If you have a great item and we can make some money off of it as well and there is a market for it, there is a good chance that we will purchase it. We will make you an offer for your item which you can then accept or decline and we will pay you for your item in cash. You can sell us more than one item at a time.

Additionally, if you are not looking to actually sell your items, but you would rather pawn them to us so that we can give you a temporary cash loan and hold your items until you have the money to pay us back, that is always an option as well. We are happy to take many different items as pawns, including expensive jewelry from brands like Cartier and Tiffany. You will see that you can even pawn your car if you want to and pick it back up when you’re in a better financial situation.

If you are someone that has a bunch of items that you no longer want and you are looking to put some money into your pocket by getting rid of them, consider selling them or even pawning them to us at our Johannesburg pawn shop. At our pawn shop, you will be able to sell coins, jewelry and so much more, including even cars. We are also able to accept deals on musical instruments if you have those as well. You will see that we will give you the absolute best deal and the most money for your items and we are always open, 24/7, so you can come in whenever you have the time.

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