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Pawn Your Car And Still Drive It

Our pawn shop will lend you any amount of money you need for your vehicle, depending on the value of the vehicle as it stands and on you possessing the title to the car.

The paperwork is fast and simple, and we will store your vehicle during the period of pawn specified in your pawn agreement. Once your balance, including interest, is paid in full you will be regain full possession of your vehicle and its title; it’s that simple.

Best place to pawn your car and still be able to drive it!

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Jewelry Pawn & Loan

Bring your valuable jewelry in to us for pawn and we will give you the fairest pawn and loan price anywhere; no other Johannesburg pawn shop will be able to match our pawn deals.

Simply pay off your loan, with interest, to get your piece back.

Make sure you always retain all paperwork from any pawn transaction, as you will need it to pay off the loan, or you will be asked to pay a fee for paperwork copies (with proper identification).

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Other Valuables

We will take a look at just about anything of value you want to use for pawn and loan collateral!

If we are not sure of the value we can conduct the necessary research which will allow us to make you a fair loan offer.

As stated above, any item taken as collateral on a pawn or loan will be held by us until full loan and interest payments are rendered.

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Pawn Shop Johannesburg

Welcome to Pawn Shop Johannesburg, We are a premium pawn shop and pawnbroker.

If you’re in a financial bind or simply in need of some quick cash to cover bills and expenses at the end of your pay cycle, you need a reliable pawn shop where you can quickly and easily convert your valuables to liquid cash.

At Pawn Shop Johannesburg, we make it easier for you to pawn valuables, jewellery, or even your car and walk away with the cash you can spend right away. As one of Johannesburg’s most trusted pawn shops, we’re here to help when times get tough.

While you can always head over to a pawn shop in Gauteng whenever money’s tight, there’s no reason to go out of your way in an emergency when the best pawn shop in Johannesburg is right here on your doorstep. We offer some of the city’s best deals on pawn loans for your valuables and are committed to making sure you get the cash you deserve when you need it most without any unnecessary fuss.

Day or night, we’re here to help and ensure your emergency financial needs are taken care of.

Offering instant short-term loans against your goods, Pawn Shop Johannesburg accepts all valuables and specializes in gold, jewellery, and luxury watch pawns, making it a point to stand out from the rest through a combination of our unrivaled expertise and fast, courteous customer service.

In addition to our pawnshop services, we also have a second, separate used goods department in Johannesburg where you can bring in any used electronics or valuables you have lying around collecting dust and convert them into cold, hard cash that very same day in just a few easy steps. Cash Converters, Cash Crusaders, Gold Capital, Cash Is King — no one can match the rates we pay for your used laptops, computers, flat-screen TVs, or appliances. Whether you’re looking to clear out your basement or want to upgrade to a newer model, give us a call and find out how much you can earn by selling your used valuables. You might be in for a surprise! We’re especially interested in deceased antiques, works of art, and watches; particularly from the following brands: Rolex, Panerai, Breitling, Omega, and TAG Heuer.

Fully licensed and accredited by the NCR, we guarantee the best offers out of all the other pawn shops in Gauteng, Sandton, Fourways, and the rest of Johannesburg. Don’t believe us? Stop in and visit us to find out!

Pawn Your Car and Still Drive It

Borrow cash against your car papers and still drive it!

At Pawn Shop Johannesburg, we offer convenient cash loans for cars 10 years old or newer.

If you’re in need of some quick cash, bring your car over and we’ll offer a free valuation and determine how much you’re able to borrow against it.

Fast and simple paperwork, you’ll be driving home with cash in your pocket in no time!

Once the full balance of your loan is paid off, along with any interest and other fees, you’ll regain full possession of your vehicle and its title — it’s that simple.

No fuss, no muss. Just easy and convenient short-term asset-based loans with the best rates in Fourways.

The best pawn shop in Johannesburg to pawn your car and still drive it!

Jewellery Pawn & Loan

Pawn Shop Johannesburg offers the fairest and best pawn and loan prices in the city for your jewellery and gold.

No other pawn shop in Gauteng, Sandton, Fourways, or Johannesburg can match our amazing pawn deals.

No matter whether you’re looking to pawn gold, diamonds, jewellery, luxury watches, or Krugerrands, we take it all. We also buy gold!

All you need to do is bring in your valuables and proper identification for a quick and easy pawn loan.

Make sure to retain your pawn transaction paperwork then just pay off your loan and interest to get your gold or jewellery back.

Other Valuables

In addition to offering pawn loans for gold, cars, and jewellery, we will also consider just about anything of value for pawn and loan collateral!

We even go the extra mile and conduct the necessary research to determine the true value of your valuables to give you the fairest loan offer possible.

All pawn loans are handled with the utmost honesty and professionalism to ensure our customers are getting the best deals they can.

All valuables retained as collateral are stored in a secure facility to give you peace of mind and ensure that you’re able to retrieve them when you’re full loan and interest balance is paid off.

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