A New Start with the Perfect Engagement Ring


The scene is set; candles lit, flowers everywhere and the engagement ring securely set in the little box, ready to be presented as the wife-to-be walks in through the door. Cold sweaty palms awaiting her arrival and for a second, which feels like an eternity thoughts go back to the last few days of searching for the perfect ring. This is the point when most people really start thinking about whether they have chosen the best engagement ring.

The perfect engagement ring will be different for each couple. In general women want a bigger, more glamorous in design and more elegant ans stylish than any they have ever seen. Jewellery designers are so innovative and creative these days that choosing an engagement ring starts to seem like a daunting task to men that are not familiar with such things. The problem seems to be that there is more value attached to the ring than the meaning it is suppose to represent. The engagement ring was in the early years a promise for future marriage and was just a plain gold ring or even an iron ring.

Today, engagement rings range in price from a very thousand rands to multi million rand figures. The mining industry revolutionized the engagement ring by popularly stating that diamonds are forever and that love is also supposed to be. So, all over the world people buy engagement rings with diamonds because no other stone says ‘forever’ quite like diamonds.

He hears the front door open and patiently waits for her to enter the room. Like a boxer who has just been punched, he fall to one knee. He reveals the ring as a prized offering. He sees her eyes tear up, greedily grabbing the ring and fitting it on, smiling and crying trying to get her phone out of the her handbag to call her friends. Happily he get up and watches her admiring the ring. He is so relieved she said yes and this, for him, means that he has chosen the perfect engagement ring.

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