Where Can I Sell My Gold Jewelry


You want to sell your old gold jewelry in Johannesburg but you do not know where? Well, there are a number of places in Johannesburg where you could sell your gold. For instance, you could sell it at a gold party, jewelry store or a pawn shop.

Gold parties majorly involve friends and acquaintances coming together for food, drinks, laughter and to sell their gold. The problem with this medium of selling gold is that most unsuspecting people get skimmed without realizing it.

Jewelers and pawnshops pretty much operate in the same way. You take your gold to them and they determine its value based on the current market price. You are then given a portion of the amount determined.

Getting the best value for your gold is your aim and the best way to achieve this is to deal with a pawnshop that has integrity, skills and experience to be able to give you an accurate valuation of your gold. Knowing this entails extensive research into the pawnshops’ or jewelers’ reputation, work history and reviews. You can also rely on recommendations by friends to help you make a decision.

Between jewelers and pawnshops in Johannesburg, the competition is really tight. However, pawnshops in Johannesburg have more benefits than jewelry shops. For instance, pawnshops offer a relatively larger payment compared to jewelry shops. Pawnshops can sell to both walk in customers and to jewelry shops. Pawnshops also allow for pawning of gold in case you are not really ready to sell your gold.

More important though is that you should do your homework and select a gold dealer that will give you a fair payment. Make sure the pawnshop or jeweler has a permanent physical location. You should make a point of visiting the place in person to be sure. This will help you to avoid being conned out of your gold.


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