Expensive Designer Rings

Designer rings are special rings designed specifically for a person or as a unique masterpiece by a designer. There is usually only one of a kind of many designer rings but some designers offer limited ranges of exclusive items now and again. While no one can deny the beauty of these rings we all can agree that the prices of these rings may sometimes be a bit over the average person’s salary.

According to The Most Expensive Journal which details the most expensive items in the world, the most expensive engagement ring ever made is valued at $1.5 million. The world’s most expensive wedding ring is the Chopard Blue Diamond Ring. It is worth a ridiculous $16.26 million. Luckily not all designer rings are that expensive and a fairly middle class citizen of South Africa can also afford a luxury designer ring for a reasonable amount.

The most famous designer rings are not private designers. They are large jewellery companies and they are all readily and easily available. South Africa, being in itself full of minerals and many precious stones, has a more than adequate supply of jewellery designer to enrich any jewellery collection.

A new trend for newly wedded brides is to go to a jeweler and melt the original engagement ring and design their very own wedding rings from the old engagement ring. This is a lot more affordable than buying an original designer ring but still, the price is a little bit higher than a plain commercial ring.

The real question is, do you really need an original designer ring? Think about it, with thousands of stores worldwide and millions of ring designs in stores, what is your chance of actually getting the same ring as your neighbour? Although all the advertisements would love us to believe that diamonds are forever they forget to mention that the price of your fancy designer diamond ring is halved as soon as you buy it and therefore will never get your money’s worth if you want to re-sell it.

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