Gold Bangles

Gold Bangles

Gold has been the symbol for riches for many years all around the world, so when you combine this with a fashion accessory is becomes a status symbol. Jewelry has been a status of beauty and also a status indicating some of the richest royals in the world however gold jewelry is not only meant for the very rich nowadays but also for any one that can afford to own one such piece of jewelry. Jewelry on its own can give any outfit that extra touch of beauty, add gold to the mix and you are left with pure elegance whether it be a set of gold earrings, a bangle, a watch or all of them put together your presence will command attention.

Bangles have been used as a status symbol right through the ages in different tribes as well as in the western civilization. Combining different types of bangles with different designs has been used all over the world especially in the Australian as well as African tribes. Fashion designers have used this element in their designs creating unique looks without compromising the look of their garments or outfits, combining bangles made of different materials including a metal element can create unique looks especially if you are going for a more edgy look.

Rock bands and other musicians are a prime example of combing leather bangles with gold or silver bangles. Some of the older singing sensation from the sixties, seventies and even eighties used to combine their silver or gold bangles with acrylic bangles for an edgier look. Jewellery can spice up any outfit and even if your garment is just plain you can change your entire look by just adding 1 piece or more of jewellery and this will drastically change your look. Go from smart casual to evening wear or even a more party type outfit just by adding or removing a jewelry piece.

We are experts at buying gold bangles from those in need – We use our Thermoscientific scanners to determine the exact gold content of your bangle and we will give you the absolute best price for your used gold

Gold bangles are one of the more popular types of bangles amongst woman all over the world as this makes them feel like royalty which as we know is any woman’s lifelong dream.

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