How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Rings

Searching for the perfect diamond rings can be a daunting endeavor; however, there are several experts that can help you find that perfect dazzling diamond for the one you love. An important consideration is the setting and shape and what the ring will look like on your hand when wearing it. You need to understand some common characteristics I order to find the perfect diamond that will give you years of satisfaction.

The diamond mass is determined by the carat weight. For instance a one carat diamond weighs 200 milligrams which in turn equals one hundredth of a carat and would be defined by a jeweler as 0.01 or 2mg, which is a common term used to determine the mass of the diamond below one carat. The carat weight will also determine the price, the bigger the carat the higher the price.

The internal defects, commonly known as inclusions found in diamond rings are measured by clarity. Structural imperfections are inclusions such as tiny cracks that appear cloudy or whitish or foreign materials such as crystals or other diamond crystals. Clarity is defined by color number, orientation, size, comparative location and the visibility of internal defects of inclusions.

A diamond rings free of chemical or structural imperfections is completely transparent and there are no traces of colors or hues that detract the diamonds appearance. In most instances, nearly all diamonds have a minor imperfection which ultimately will influence the value of the diamond in one or other way. For example a diamond that displays a yellow hue would have less value than a diamond displaying a pink or blue hue which is valued at a much higher price.

For diamond rings to become worthy, they need to be cut, shaped and polished, as diamonds are in a raw state when unearthed. The cut is determined by the angels the stone is cut. A mathematical equation determines the cut and should not be confused with the shape. Most people are unable to define one color grade from another with the naked eye. For example a J grade diamond is nearly colorless and is the most affordable.

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