Important Factors When Choosing Engagement Rings

It can be a challenging endeavor for coupes planning to get married and finding the perfect engagement rings. Decades ago men went out and bought a ring and presented it to the future wife, however, times have changed and it is now common for young couples to shop together and choose the ideal ring. In order to fid the perfect ring, here are a few important factors to take into consideration before purchasing an engagement ring.

Over a couples lifetime there will be at least three rings they will choose, engagement rings, wedding rings and anniversary rings to mark the important milestones throughout their married life. Couples set aside a budget and choose their rings accordingly from a specific jewelry store or an online jewelry store. Most budgets fall inline where that gentleman will purchase a ring that equals his salary over two months or more. This is a common measuring standard that in most cases still applies today.

Before choosing the diamonds, a setting should first be selected. The choice available is only limited by your taste, imagination and budget. There is a wide selection of settings to choose from such as classic solitaires, tension settings, and three stone settings, pave settings, settings with side stones to designer settings. You can choose a setting that comprises of a diamond surrounded by rubies, emeralds or other.

You have the choice of customizing and designing your own engagement ring. You may want to consider masterpieces designed by some of the top jewelry designers that include Popov or Danhov, which will allow you to choose a state of the art setting and an attractive certified diamond. There are four attributes that apply when choosing a diamond such as color, clarity, cut and carat.

Besides considering your engagement rings attributes, you need to consider the shape, grade, light performance and cleaning of the ring which will ultimately determine the value of the ring. Once you have chosen the diamond and setting the jeweler will in turn prepare the ring according to specifications. There is a wide selection of diamonds to suit all occasions.

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