Jewellery Bangles and Bracelets from the Past

From fine cut gold bangles to crude wire with beads, bangles are used in all cultures for decorative as well as symbolic purposes. Is there really a meaning to bangles or is this just a fashion statement and if so, where did it originate?

Bangles are also called arm bracelets or charm bracelets and have been around since the beginning of time. According to the many reliable sources, the first charms discovered date back many centuries ago in many different civilisations. Ancient jewellery bangles were from shells, wood, clay and animal bone. In many African and European countries intricately carved mammoth tusk charms have been found in various archaeological excavations. Clearly these bracelets where meaningful and must have served a deeper purpose than just a decorative item, if the people went through so much trouble to make them so grand and beautiful.

Bangles were made by people, decorated to tell a story or remind them of a time in their lives that they found important. From knights wearing bangles with small charms of shields to protect them in battle to the modern day charm bracelets with a little heart from your loved one. There are many designs such as Gothic bangle and bracelet designs with leather, chains and spikes that can be very bold and intimidated. Bangles started as good luck charms and ended up as a commercialized decorative object. After watching movies inspired by pirates, thousands of fans want the skull, bone and sword bangles as worn by the pirates in the movies.

Maybe next time when you see an interesting charm or bracelet, ask the bearer to tell you their story and they might just surprise you, by offering you an interesting story about the bangle. Bangles are essential solid pieces of hand jewellery with few or no links. Bracelets are made of many links and charms. There are interesting designs and styles for bangles and bracelets for men and women. All it takes is a bit of time and some imagination and people will enjoy going from jeweller to jeweller looking for bargains on bangles and bracelets.

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