Pawn or Sell Jewellery to free up cash fast!

pawn jewellery johannesburg

Unlike the washing machine, vacuum cleaner or cooker jewelry is something that most people don’t use every day. In times of financial hardship most would not even think that the jewelry they own could get them out of the red.  If the time comes where you are deciding whether to pawn jewellery or sell jewelry then first think about whether or not you feel you will want to wear it in future.

Selling jewelry through advertisements is always an option, but it could take time which most people in financial difficulty don’t have. Pawn shops will buy all kinds of jewelry and give you a price there and then. Once you agree on a price you can walk away with the cash the same day alleviating you of the financial stress.

If you don’t want to sell your jewelry but do need money short term then pawning it is a great option as it means you can collect it at a later date when finances improve. Pawn shops not only take precious metals such as gold and silver as collateral, they will also take watches. You don’t have to say goodbye to your jewelry forever as you can collect it in the same condition you left it when you are ready to pay back the loan.

The great thing about a pawn shop is not only the fact you can get cash fast, as your goods are used as collateral there is no need for any credit checks to be undertaken. As long as the property you are taking into the pawn shop belongs to you, the helpful staff will be happy to offer you a loan against the item(s) or give you a price to purchase it from you.

Because credit searches are not performed people who have a less than perfect credit score are not reprimanded and left without cash. The records from a pawn shop in Johannesburg are not shared with other agencies so the transaction is kept private. No one knows when financial hardship will hit, but anyone who is or has been in that situation will tell you how much stress it can cause.

Your current employment status and/or other personal information such as money you owe out and financial statements are not required as with other lenders.  This opens up the service to people who have been refused a loan elsewhere.

When selling jewelry to a pawnbroker it doesn’t matter if it is broken, missing stones or defected in another way as most precious metals are weighed to value them rather than on condition. Whether you pawn or sell your jewelry makes no difference to the fast service you will receive. By pawning you agree to pay back the loan by a set amount of time, however the staff at a pawnbrokers are understanding that making this time is not always possible and in most cases will grant an extension giving you more time to buy back your goods.


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