Quick payback loans

When you are in a predicament that requires cash you don’t have you can go get a dent loan. A dent loan is offered by micro loan companies, it means they will loan you a certain percentage of your salary and when your salary goes into your bank account the end of the same month they take it back including interest. The interest on these loans are normally pretty high. The problem with these dent loans is when you pay it back it takes a huge chunk out of your salary so you end up lending it again and every time you do you lend more because of the high interest to be paid. So you never win.

As with every other loan, you need to be permanently employed with your salary being paid into your bank account. You then need 3 months bank statements, 3 months pay slips, a copy of your I.D and proof of residence! There are a few companies that only require 2 months bank statements and 2 months pay slips.

These loans come in very handy if you ever all of a sudden need cash, if your whole family get sick and need doctors and medicine. This is just one example, just always remember to only lend what you need and don’t take the maximum just because you can!

Its people who take the maximum loan they can get who usually end up in trouble because when the time comes to pay it back they find they are left with no money! This is how people become blacklisted, because they end up drawing their money before the loan company can, even if its in the middle of the night, then when the loan company want to take their money, there is none in the account. These people are also known to change bank accounts!

So next time you need a loan, you can consider a dent loan, but draw up a budget and stick to it, then you won’t find yourself in trouble! There are more and more companies and places offering these loans, so your options are good as to where you would like take the loan!

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