Where selling your gold to a Pawn Broker may not fetch you the highest price, the advantage of selling to Johannesburg pawnshops versus more mainstream options, is that pawn brokers tend to be more liquid. This means that you could secure cash immediately for your gold.

Pawn brokers are just as legitimate as their opposition, but are not as stifled by corporate paperwork and restrictions. More often than not, jewellers remain favorable to complete pieces, heirlooms, and pieces of historic value. PAWN brokers are prepared to trade gold in most forms.

As far as gold value goes, pawn brokers are not always a primary consideration but an immediate cash injection does become appealing. Jewellers or antique dealers will almost always offer a better price for an item, if, indeed, you are interested in selling it. But if it is just emergency cash you require, and the item is of particular sentimental value, a Pawn Broker At least offers the option of loaning against the piece.

Meeting the terms and conditions allows you to retrieve the item once the loan has been repaid.
Regardless of whether you use a Pawn Broker or mainstream dealer, it is always important to know the estimated value of your gold or jewellery pieces, and have a settling price in mind.

Pawn brokers offer notoriously low prices, they are, after all, in business to make money.

But a successful pawn broker with a good reputation, offers buying, lending, and quick cash options that ultimately prove more beneficial than not.

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