Affordable and Stylish Tanzanite Jewels

Tanzanite, or otherwise known as the Blue or Purple gemstone, is unlike diamonds or most other gems that are mined around the globe. Tanzanite gemstones can only be found in the foothills of Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania. Tanzanite took the world by storm after its discovery a mere 40 years ago. Tanzanite jewels were even proclaimed by some to be more valuable than diamonds because of their absolute rarity. This is not true and was a clever campaign used in the same way that other businesses in other industries market their products. Some early mining companies proclaimed that diamonds were very rare and in doing so increased the market price for their own benefit.

Tanzanite is still much more affordable compared to diamonds in the sense that Tanzanite per carat is worth a few thousand rands and diamonds are, depending of course on cut, cost many times more per carat. Donald Greig once said that people are attracted to blue. Together with two brothers they own a chain of jewellery stores around South Africa. They show impressive numbers in Tanzanite jewellery sales.

Tanzanite is used widely in a range of jewellery including watches, crowns, rings, necklaces and has become a favorite amongst celebrities wearing them to their grand evenings. The most famous piece of Tanzanite jewellery probably was, The Heart of the Ocean, as seen in the movie Titanic. Even though now been proven false it caused a massive demand for replicas of this famous necklace.

But be warned, according to experts of rare and precious stones and metals, the prices of Tanzanite might soar if there is not a new mining source discovered soon. The supply is predicted to run out in a decade. So, why wait to a purchase a piece of Tanzanite jewellery at cheaper price? It will certainly be sad when the price more than doubles in a few years, unless of course, a new source is discovered soon. Tanzanite is worthwhile accessory option for its price and the jewellery is of a quality that lasts a long time.

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