All About Diamond Tennis Bracelets

The Diamond tennis bracelet has been popular ever since it was worn by the tennis player Chris Evert. Her own diamond johanneburg broke during a tennis match in 1987 and the match needed to be paused while she recovered the diamonds that had fallen off the broken bracelet.

While tennis bracelets are generally quite elegant and simple in design, there are a variety of different styles to choose from. Of course, the more extravagant styles will cost you quite a bit more than the standard diamond tennis bracelet. Factors such as the bracelet’s designer, the size and quality of the diamonds used and the metal in which they are set will all affect the cost price of the bracelet.

It is very important that you determine your budget for the purchase of the diamond tennis bracelet before you go out and being shopping around for one. You should then only look at options that fall within your price range. Opting for smaller diamonds or diamonds that have a smaller overall carat value may result in a more affordable purchase.

You should always shop around and take all the time you need when deciding which diamond tennis bracelet is the right one for you. Do not rush the decision or settle for a design that you not completely happy with. You should also ensure that the stores that you are shopping at are reputable dealers. This way, you can rest assured that the diamonds are authentic and that the product is of high quality.  Only ever trust a company like pawnshop Johannesburg. Be sure to try on each bracelet that you are considering to see if the sizing is correct. It should not be too tight as this can be quite uncomfortable and it should not be too loose fitting as it may then slip off without your knowledge.

Be sure to keep the personal preferences and physical build of the intended wearer in mind when buying a tennis bracelet. Remember that bigger is not always better. A petite diamond tennis bracelet would be the best option for someone with a dainty build or who prefers smaller jewellery items.

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