Designing your own jewellery online

Did you know that anyone can design jewellery? It’s true. With the recommendations of professionals online and simple software, you can design a ring, bracelet, earrings or even pendants that suit your taste and your budget. Jewellery design is becoming more and more popular amongst individuals who have certain tastes and wish to buy jewellery based on exact specifications. And now, you don’t need a qualification or fancy tools to design your own jewellery, thanks to online software.

When designing jewellery online, you first need to consider exactly what you intend to make. If you are hoping to design jewellery ranges, you will need to consider how your taste will be carried across all of those items. For example, a simple black opal set in gold can be carried through to the design of a pendant, earrings and even a bracelet. However, this may be more difficult in the design of something with many different stones and an intricate pattern.

If you are designing just one piece though, consider how simple or ornate you want it to be. Anyone who designs jewellery will tell you that you should have an idea in mind before you begin. In this way, you ensure that the final product matched your taste. Try drawing out what you want on paper so that you can ensure the find design stays true to your original concept. If you find it hard to visualise the piece of jewellery you want, it may be a better idea to approach a jeweller or jewellery designer and ask them to design the piece for you based on your tastes.

Online jewellery design is something that everyone can do, and if you are designing ranges just for yourself, you can look for inspiration from a number of other jewellery designers. Remember though that the materials you use decide the price, so if you are working on a budget, keep it simple and substitute simple stones for expensive gems, and trustworthy metals for precious metals. The end result may surprise you and may inspire you to keep designing jewellery for yourself and for others.

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