Diamond Rings

There is a diamond ring for every woman, whether for a traditional occasion, friendship, engagement or marriage, as well as designer diamond rings for today’s woman to symbolise beauty, individuality, independence, and success. There are many diamond ring designs to choose from, as well as customised or uniquely self-designed diamond rings. The diamond has a beauty, strength, brilliance and rarity but yet has a sense of permanent endurability. It is the perfect gift, symbolic for that special occasion and precious in its own right. The most popular varieties of diamond rings are round, oval, marquise, square and rectangular.

The diamond is traditionally a symbol of enduring or eternal love, commitment or romance. The word “diamond” is derived from the Greek “adamas” which means unconquerable.

The diamond ring is undeniable aesthetically spectacular, whatever the design or carat value, it is sought after and valued, both materially as well as sentimentally. Whether you appreciate the sparkle, the bling or the investment of this beautiful acquisition, diamond rings can be purchased with a certificate of value. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when choosing either a solitaire, a brilliant cut, a princess cut, a pear shaped, a square or a blue diamond ring.

A girl’s best friend, a natural resource so surprisingly composed of carbon, unparalleled in purity, this item is slowly being depleted from earthly deposits and will ultimately become even more rare.

Diamonds were first discovered in India and appreciated for their strength as cutting tools, as well as a talisman for protection from evil or in battle, and brilliance as they refract light and were worn as adornments. Today these beautiful jewelled accessories are still worn as adornments but come in many different and special settings for sale at a variety of prices, values and sizes as diamond rings. Diamond rings are the most sought after sentimental item of jewellery in our modern day society, for men and women, the preferred symbol of choice for an engagement symbol. They represent a timeless beauty. Diamond rings can be purchased from jewellery stores or on line auction sites, or can be crafted uniquely by jewellers.

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