The Stylish, Classic Diamond Ring

In the contemporary society, the use of the ring in marriage is taken very much for granted. However, in searching for the history of the use rings in betrothal, the Romans are credited with being among some of the first in the use of rings as such. Rings are classified according to the style in which they have been made.

The Solitaire diamond ring is the one that is especially designed for an engagement ring. The diamond ring has one diamond stone which symbolises the concept of one lover which is the basic concept in engagement. Needless to say, this is a very popular concept with many people of a romantic nature who believe in the sanctity of marriage. It is also considered the most traditional concept of all those associated with marriage.

The diamond ring is also used as the cluster ring which has seven stones. It has a big central stone which can either be a diamond or another coloured stone. This is referred to as the principal stone. This is surrounded by six other smaller diamonds and they may be arranged in the form of a flower. There are however, variations in the arrangement as the aim is to introduce diversity. There was a time in the mid eighties when this kind of ring was out of fashion and sales plummeted considerably.

That phase is however past and the ring is back as a right hand ring. It is worn as a fashion accessory to accentuate one’s clothing. They are referred to as right hand, dress or cocktail rings. Another type of ring is the diamond entity ring. This ring is used to symbolise the eternal nature of love that exists or is meant to exist in a relationship. It is usually presented to the woman on a special anniversary or on the birth of the couples’ first child. The diamond entity ring was originally worn between the wedding ring and the engagement ring. However, the trend has been to move the ring to the third finger of the right hand which move has liberated the design of the ring.

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