Jewellery Designers


When you gaze your attention upon the thought of jewellery design, to the simpleminded it seems like quite an ordinary industry. One seldom thinks of the intricate methods they have to use and the qualifications that go hand in hand with jewellery designing. For example some Jewellery Designers have not only the ability to design a beautiful piece of jewellery, they also sport an ability to do metal smithing, and some also goldsmithing. Jewellery designers are able to render new pieces as well as restore old pieces to original conditions.

Jewellery designers usually have a model of either wax or metal where they mould their designs and then improvise on this. They also need extensive experience and knowledge of gemmology as this is required with a great deal of jewellery requirements these days.
Speaking of these days, a lot has changed in terms of jewellery design. The modern jewellery design saw the age of beading being born and also resin jewellery and photo jewellery.

There are various types of jewellery designers, silver jewellery designers, Indian jewellery designers, contemporary jewellery designers and the list continues, catering for your every need in terms of the perfect designed jewellery you require.

Of course what would the word jewellery be without a diamond somewhere in there? And of course a jewellery designer is able to cut the diamond to suit your style and well, pocket as well. If you can’t afford the big rock, there are always the beautiful stones to warm a heart that needs a gift of love. Or even just a simple gold chain can do the trick.

South Africa boasts with a great deal of Jewellery designers from those who specialise in the matrimonial jewellery to those who specialise ineverything from contemporary to modern to funky to traditional and last but not least, African.

And if you fancy yourself an artist with metal and precious stone, you can even enter yourself for courses that teach you exactly how to become a jewellery designer, which I am sure, will prove to be an exciting life changing experience. It would be like having your diamond and being able to design it yourself. Eating that cake you have.

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