Pawnshops And Fairy Godmothers

When a Pawn Broker can become your fairy God-mother
(And unite the dream of the romantic)

Let’s face it, most pawn brokers or establishments can leave you sad or relieved, or even angry sometimes. And then there are those exclusive brokers, like in Sunninghill, Johannesburg.
Picture this – boy meets girl. Boy adores his Ducati motorbike, but loves girl more. What does he do? He goes to an exclusive pawn broker and exchanges his bike, not for cash, but for the pawn proprietors’ select diamond collection. And because the pawn broker has his diamond certification, he helps the boy choose the most flawless and beautifully cut stone. With the leftover cash, the boy buys a bit of gold, and an engagement ring is made. All designed and planned, right there, in the office of the pawn broker with the romantic heart.
This might seem like a far-fetched story, but it’s not and happens more often that you can imagine. A year later, that same now married girl, offers a priceless family heirloom at that same exclusive pawn broker’s establishment and a few Kruger Rands her grandfather left her, in exchange for that very same Ducati Motorbike, which had been sitting in the pawnbroker’s garage because he didn’t just want to sell it just to anyone. As a 1st anniversary gift.
I sometimes say, that if you had to part with something incredibly valuable, I strongly believe it will find it’s way back to you. Maybe not always, unlike in this case, in the same way, but possibly better. And the meaning will be so much the sweeter.
So next time you scoff at pawnbrokers and see them as the seedy underground lecherous wheeler-and-dealers, remember this story. And remember, that if you treat them with respect and civility, there may be no end to what lengths they may go to assist you. Here I mention again, it is the exclusive pawnbrokers that will go the mile for you. The average chain store cash-for-goods would not be so kind. After all, they are rarely surrounded by diamonds, and for that very reason, can’t possibly sprout a romantic bone in their bodies.
Now, this may seem like a bit of an out of place, flowery piece to write about the pawn industry, but now and again, isn’t it nice to read something uplifting that gives you a bit of hope among and the financial stresses we face every day?

So next time you have a plan to get quick cash to obtain something special, do your research and find the right pawn broker – it might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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