Sell Diamonds For Cash


If you are in urgent need of cash and you have excess diamonds, a pawnshop definitely is your first choice. Pawnshops in Johannesburg have more to offer than other jewelry stores.

Before you sell your diamond in Johannesburg, you should conduct a thorough research of all the pawnshops in Johannesburg. It includes online pawnshops which accurately grade your diamonds to give you a fair consideration. One way in which you can decide which method to use is the pawnshop’s reputation, determined by recommendations and online reviews from sites that allow customers to review directly to their sites.

Just know that in taking your diamonds to Johannesburg Pawnshop, just like any other pawnshop in the world, you will be offered a portion of the actual value of your diamond. Pawnshops buy diamonds so that they can resale them at a profit. Hence they will buy the diamonds from you at a relatively lower price than the actual price.

Most of the time, pawnshops will give you more cash for your jewelry than jewelry shops. That’s why pawnshops in Johannesburg have more than one customer base. They can sell their diamonds to walk-in customers and to jewelry stores. In addition to this, unlike the case of auctions and some jewelry stores, you are not charged to sell your diamonds to a pawnshop.

When you sell diamonds for cash to a pawnshop, you also get greater flexibility. You can redeem your valuable items and if you are hesitant about selling them, either because they are sentimental or because you are not satisfied with the price being offered, you can pawn your diamond. In this case, you are given a loan with the diamond as security. You will then repay the whole loan amount plus some interest.

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